Pet Dental Care

Crossroads Animal Hospital Offers Dental Care For Pets

Animals depend on their teeth to get good nutrition. However, their teeth are subject to the same types of dental problems that people have. Broken teeth, decayed teeth, and gum disease can be treated to maintain overall good health.


At Crossroad Animal Hospital in Savannah, GA, we offer preventative dental care, as well as treatment of dental problems.

Why Pet Dental Care Is So Important

Effective chewing is important to your pet’s ability to get the full amount of nutrition in their foods. When animals can chew properly, they are able to break up food into easily digestible parts. Painful teeth and poor alignment of teeth can prevent your pet from eating effectively. This can have a detrimental effect on general health. The film that develops on teeth can lead to bad breath in your pet. 

In addition, the bacteria from plaque that forms on teeth can migrate to other organs of the body, causing inflammation and eventual health problems. Keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy can help to avoid disease and extend lifespan.

Types of Dental Problems Commonly Found in Pets

Retained baby teeth are a common problem in canines, which can disrupt normal tooth alignment and discourage effective chewing. Your vet can remove these unnecessary teeth. Pets may also have broken teeth, either from accident or from chewing hard objects when they are teething. These teeth often need to be removed to prevent more serious issues.

Painful, decayed teeth can cause your pet to eat poorly and may lead to drooling and mouth odors. Gum disease that can cause loosening of the teeth can be treated to prevent tooth loss.

Your Veterinarian Will Give Your Pet A Thorough Dental Assessment

Your vet will carefully examine your pet’s teeth and gums to detect any problems. If needed, you can then make an appointment to bring your pet in for tooth extraction, teeth cleaning, or gum treatment. The vet can also teach you how to brush your pet’s teeth on a regular basis to prevent further dental issues.

Make Crossroads Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian In Savannah

The staff at Crossroads Animal Hospital is committed to providing compassionate, quality care for all their patients in Savannah, GA, and neighboring communities. We offer a range of veterinary services, including wellness packages, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, and senior care.

Contact Crossroads Animal Hospital today at 912-927-4343 for an appointment to have your pet’s teeth checked and to learn about the importance of pet dental care.


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