Senior Canine Packages

Senior Dog Care

These older guys do require a little more attention, but this is okay, they have earned it! Senior pets often start to show signs of arthritis (often falsely perceived as "slowing down" due to age); decreased vision, decreased hearing and they may be developing lumps and bumps on their skin. More of a concern or those things we cannot see just by looking at them. Therefore, it is very important that we perform blood screening at least annually to look for problems that may be occurring silently. Most of the time, we hope, these tests are perfectly normal. Early detection is the key to many of the common diseases and in fact some may be prevented all together!


  • DHPP - Distemper/Hepatitis/Parvo/ParainfluenzaVirus - Given 4 times during puppy series 3-4 weeks apart, Boosted at first annual then every 3 years until age 10 at which time it is discontinued
  • Rabies - one vaccination at final puppy visit then annually thereafter
  • Deworming - pyrantel/nemex at all but final puppy (minimum 2 treatments)
  • Bordetella - two vaccines at least 3 weeks apart to puppies who will frequent boarding or grooming facilities, dog parks, or come in contact with other dogs

Senior Pets Age 9 and up

·Comprehensive Physical Exam - including examination of the joints


·Bordetella/Parainfluenzavaccine (Kennel Cough)

·Rabies vaccine

·Fecal exam for parasites

·Heartworm Test

·General Health Comprehensive Blood Panel to screen for common diseases of older pets

·Discuss any issues you may be noticing

**Depending on your pet's health status we may begin recommending twice a year examinations


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